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About us

Hello..!!! Welcome to “arars”

arars has been framed with back bones of high tech expertise in manufacturing & design technology for over 40 years in the stream of sarees outerwear. We specialize in kanchipuram silk sarees and sarees such as raw silk, georgette, cotton, prints etc catering for women of all age groups.ARARS has positioned itself as a trend setter of the industry, by introducing innovative trends in the saree manufacturing industry. From a humble beginning, the company has grown from strength to strength and has bloomed from its infancy to the repute of today in the industry. The amalgamation of the latest technology, unparalleled expertise and an excellent corporate strategy has resulted in an unprecedented growth of the company over the years.

As the company name suggests, at ARARS we provide high Quality sarees coupled with  fashionable designes in our range of collections. With this quality commitment, there is bound to be great saree for every customer.

With our own fully equipped manufacturing in (mention name of place of magga-outsourced) we are buying raw materials from strong reliable suppliers.We can produce a minimum of  about 2lakh sarees in veteran design per annum. Our design team have their heart & soul into the making of sarees & they keep travelling all around the world to study the changing trends. Our creations are smart, trendy and bold with grandeur shapes, picture perfect finishes and have dazzling visual impact. We also stand committed to meet our customer’s expectations in terms of Cost and Quality.

arars is a brand which is  One-Stop Exclusive Designer Wear  endowed with distinctive, exceptional and inimitable custom made fashionable sarees and  befitting smart wears for the fashion hungry customers. With an unparalleled blend of quality, consistency, responsiveness, and innovation arars has grown into an empire which makes it unique, distinctive, exceptional and impeccable.

We love each of our product and will be honored to share this love with our customers. From “ Our’s ”  to “ Your’s ” . Hence we are    

Happy Shopping.!!!

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