September 21, 2017

Indian women always have a special corner in the heart for trendy and stylish sarees. Keeping in this mind, today, most of the renowned fashion designers and dress designers have combined the classic drape of sarees in a modern attire, which constitutes the best apparel for almost every occasion.

Lehenga Sarees

Being a noticing spin on the half saree of South Indian style and ghagra choli of North India, lehenga sarees have become the favorite saree options for 2017. The simple concept associated with the replacement of a petticoat with an embroidered legenga and draping of the debate to resemble the pallu folds of a saree has absolutely proved to be a genius one. If you are the one love to wear sarees but unable to deal with the required twists and turns, you may opt for Lehenga pattern sarees.

Half and Half Sarees

Despite blocks constitute a prime flavor of the present season, most of us always intend to add an additional color to the attire. This leads to the availability of half and half sarees in a handy way. By using two different solid colors, one across the saree pleats and other at pallu, while starting at the waist, the overall attire creates an enticing combination. In addition, half and half sarees create countless interesting silhouettes to boost the curves by hiding one’s problem areas. For instance, if you are heavy at the bottom or possess a classic pear type of body, you should prefer for a dark shade at your waist to deal with your bottom curves properly.

Sarees and Jackets

Sarees and jacket combination or the Indo-western combination works as an excellent option whenever there is a slight nip in weather. You may pair a jacket with almost every type of saree and get an additional bit of the bling to enjoy any festival. You may choose a handwoven or an embroidery pattern of jackets with an excellent ethnic work to give your outstanding look in your chosen attire.

Saree Gown Combination

Saree gown combination formed by a pre-stitched saree is obviously a favorite option among women. Whether you choose a long and a flowery gown, inclusion of a dupatta structure or a long scarf nearby the chest gives an excellent of your saree. If this is enough, you may even include a sleek belt nearby your waist to give a highly ethnic look. You may find this as best with flower and silk material, which always give a natural sway to your attire. You should combine it with various soft curls and less possible jewellery to allow the shining of your outfit.

Handloom Weaves

Both women and young girls may try handloom sarees, which come in elegant and in classy patterns to exuberate an unparalleled beauty in front of others. In addition, you may pair it with a variety of vintage pieces to obtain the best possible effect.

Digital Print Sarees

Digital print sarees are quirky collections, which are available in different prints, which include fancy animal prints, floral designs and many others. Being a modern and a chic type of option, digital print sarees are the preferable options for both formal and casual occasions to create a good impression.

Floral Print Sarees

Floral print sarees have always remained in the fashion and they work the best on sarees, as one can get a wide range of combinations associated with their favorite blooms. Whether you look for Parsi, Kashmiri or Gujarati floral embroidery work, you will find them, as intricately beautiful and working perfectly with georgette and chiffon sarees.